Restarting Our Monthly Webinar On Business Intelligence

This year has been an eventful one. We had Excel training classes every month of this year. We had company Excel and BI training. And now the training arm of the business is doing fine, we are constantly getting clients and opportunities. It is now the software arm of the business I am focusing on improving. It holds the most growth potential for us and with very little competition.

But a few things had slipped into a black hole: my French lessons, swimming exercises and our Business Intelligence webinar. I plan on restarting them. Tomorrow I will resume my weekly Sunday Swimming exercise. Next month I will resume the Business Intelligence webinar and one day I will resume the French lessons.


Of these three, the monthly webinar is the one with benefits for you. Even if you are not in an analysis job role, you will still find it interesting. I will be expanding your mind on what business intelligence is and how you can make it work for you and/or your company. I will be using examples you can easily relate with. I will be showing you things that will be close to magic. You shouldn't miss them. Since the last webinar I had in August, I have done a lot more Business Intelligence projects and already have many interesting examples to take you through.

You can register via: 

Don't miss out of this opportunity to learn something new and useful. Things I charge companies N100,000/person to train their staff. Now you will be getting them for free piecewise.


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