Get One Technical or Programming Book Free Everyday

There is a website I try to visit daily. It is 

Everyday, Packt Publishing put up one of their books as free.

Since I came about it some weeks ago via information from a fellow Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) I have included it in my daily to do list to visit the page everyday.

I have managed to get a couple very useful books. But on some days the free book is on a subject I have no interest in at all and I skip claiming a free book that day.

On top of that, they usually run promos that make available at very cheap price a book you love to have but don't want to wait till its offered free on a future date. Currently, there are running a Skill Up promo. You can get any book or video training material on the site for just $5.

The only catch is that they deal only with technical and programming books.


  1. Thanks Michael, though I have been using this resource for months (over 4 months) and I totally love it. You can also check out: . This is also a great resource for selected cool technical books for free. You may add it to your to do list daily too. :)

  2. Cool. Thanks for sharing. Will check out the


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