The Little Things That Make The Difference

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I once saw an article that explained that a gorilla has way more strength for its weight that man, 10 times. So if you take a man who weighs 130kg and a gorilla of the same weight, the gorilla will carry 10 times the maximum weight that man carries. Anyway, it's not a big issue. Afterall, we are not gorillas or meant to live like one.

I came across several technical articles that explained that there is very little difference in energy consumption of the brain of the dumbest man and that of the most renowned professor. Yet it's that little difference that makes one man earn a fortune with his brain and another to beg on the street. And not only that, there is also not much significant difference between energy consumption of your brain when you are asleep and when you are in an exam hall. So next time you feel you are overworking your brain, you're not. You're simply experiencing the symptoms of doing something you find boring. Or you are hungry or haven't slept for a long time. Or something else but definitely not brain exhaustion. 

To a monkey or another someone from outer space, we are all equally beautiful and ugly. Yet it's those seemingly imperceptible (to non-humans) differences in the way we look and size that makes one woman attract all the men in her town and another has to force herself on men. And some men keep popping up in too many women's dreams while others have to force their dreams on a woman. And I am sure even God must be confused by our beauty contests.


The truth is that we are not very different from each other. And whatever huge difference in wealth, status, wisdom and beauty are just manifestations of those little differences. They are the little things that make all the difference. When a man does body building and goes to the gym everyday, he will never be as strong as the gorilla. As far as the gorilla is concerned, he is wasting his time. Yet, it's a mighty big deal for us. Another man spends all his life reading, researching and gathering academic awards. Everyone considers him extremely intelligent. Yet he uses his brain not more intensely than the gateman of his house. As far as God is concerned he is just as not knowledgeable as that gateman. All the difference in intellect only makes impact on us his fellow humans. He is not going to extend his life beyond 100 years max with that knowledge nor will he know what will happen tomorrow. In fact, his knowledge won't even make him win at a casino. 

And about beauty, that one will leave every alien with a telescope scratching his head.

We should never feel like we are way better than others, not as a sign of humility but because we are truly not. Whatever huge differences in wealth and status is just the result of those little almost imperceptible differences. So whenever you avoid thinking small and maybe take a look at things from God's perspective or someone in Mars with a big telescope, then you will now that you are really not different and even the wealth and status difference won't make you perceptibly different. You will still sleep on one bed at a time. Go through one door at a time. Eat same quantity of food before your stomach gets filled. And even look just as ugly when you reach your 90s (which is like tomorrow to some trees).

And in case you don't understand what I am trying to say. You are not alone. I am typing this at past 2:00am, I don't very well understand what I am saying. My aim is simply to not get late for our monthly Excel training today, and not making my blog post before sleeping has the been the cause of all the days I have been late. I guess it's part of those little things that make the difference. I can't forget how the chinese lady who came for our training a few months ago screamed at me over the phone for being one hour late on the first day of training. I was saved by the caterer. She liked the food so much she kept asking for more. Then I delivered beyond expectations too. But still it's a situation I try hard to avoid. So just read and enjoy. Don't scratch your head, leave that to the alien on Mars with a telescope.


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