Vote. And Please Be Safe

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Today is going to be one of the greatest days of our life as a nation. For once we would be having an election since 1999 that we are not certain who would win the Presidency. It will be a very close one and everyone's vote is going to matter a lot.

Also for the first time in a long time, educated youths are being at the forefront of the election campaign and taking huge interest in the political state of our nation. The days of indifference among the youths are over. Everyone has a strong opinion about who should be elected today. And more than I have ever seen before, more people are actively sharing their political views. I read the heated debates that occasionally dominate my Facebook timeline. I see the strong worded tweets people send. I receive Whatsapp and BBM messages from people genuinely convinced about their idea of who we should vote into Aso Rock. And I am, for the first time in my life, sharing publicly my political thoughts. I have also met more youths who are beginning to go into politics. 


I believe we are already on the path to fixing our political system in Nigeria. We are no longer wanting to leave things to chance and a few people. For once, the politicians are beginning to feel that results do matter. The journey ahead may be a long tortuous one out of the political conundrum we currently are in. But I believe we have already started. There is hope. Things are not going to get worse. Everyone is now demanding real progress.

Today, as we vote, I strongly believe that our vote counts. We are going to set a new record this year, just like we did in 2011 when people voted without religious and tribal sentiment. The two main candidates have die-hard believers and people are less influenced by empty words and rice. More Nigerians abroad are becoming more concerned about the political state of the country. And we are taking the power away from political thugs and money splashing politicians in deciding the future of our great nation. So today as you vote, know that you are helping to put Nigeria on the right path to progress. You are helping to establish the truth that the real power lies with the electorate; everyone of voting age in Nigeria. You are helping to set us on a new political course; a course that moves us closer to true democracy.

And above all, today, please be safe. God bless Nigeria.


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