The Creative Ways I Have Been Using Ebay

Since Paypal allowed us access to its service I have been using eBay a lot. I even tried buying my iPhone on eBay. I had won the bid and was just about to make payment when I got banned from eBay. Then I called the customer care and they make it vaguely clear that it was because I was in Nigeria and that I shouldn't open another eBay account.

Well, I opened another eBay account. I couldn't resist the good deals I saw there. I figured out that the worst that would happen is that I will get banned again, hopefully after making one or two purchases. Then I'll open another. And another. Luckily, I didn't get banned again. I'm still using the second account I opened. Even for a side business of selling iTunes gift card, Spotify subscription card and Skype Card. I have already made a few coins selling iTunes gift card and Spotify subscription card. I buy them on eBay and resell with guaranty to buyers in Nigeria. And beyond that I have bought all sorts from a Forex robot to a Netflix Shared account access.

Ebay shows the power of a consumer to consumer market. People sell what they don't need to people who need them. Especially the phones, iPad, laptops, servers and technology gadgets. Then some have figured out a way to buy things cheap and resell cheap on eBay. And I have figured out creative ways of cutting my cost of paying for any product or service. When I want to buy a software I check its price on eBay, there could be someone with an extra/unwanted copy willing to sell it for much less than the list price. When I want to see how much to put aside for the super-powerful laptop I need to get someday, I check on eBay. When I want to renew my Spotify premium I check on eBay; there is always someone selling the Spotify cards for less than its list price. And if I decide to buy Apple Watch after its release date of 24th April 2015, it would be on eBay (or Amazon Marketplace).

The precautions I take in ensuring that I don't become a fraud victim (or buy a bad market) is I buy only from people with lots of positive reviews and high ranking. I also get in touch with them if it's for a high value purchase, to establish a personal connection that can help me further decide if to trust the seller or not.

The funny part is I have never bought anything from any Nigerian online store: Jumia, Konga, Dealdey, Gloo, Kaymu and the rest. But I have been making online purchases from foreign stores since 2009. It began with my buying books from Amazon using a dollar funded card I got from GTBank. I just find it more convenient and cheaper to buy things from foreign online stores. And now eBay is top on my shopping site list.


  1. A few questions - How do you receive the products you buy via ebay? Are there challenges with delivery, duration of delivery etc?

  2. Hi Ijeoma,

    I don't have any challenge with getting whatever I buy. Though I mostly buy things that can be sent to me via email or scanned and sent to me via email. But when I buy physical goods and they won't let me put a Nigerian address as the shipping destination, I use a US address that provided me and receive my product on my behalf and ship it to me.


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