Getting Stuff Done

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Now I know why they say it’s best to find what you love doing, are talented at and can make money from. It’s because there will be many dark days when you will have nothing to motivate you. When you will have to work hard and long and have nothing to show for it. When despite how you are feeling you still have to get stuff done. And for those days you are going to need your love for what you do to keep you going on.

Today is one such day for me. And it started on Sunday. A friend and I did a breakdown of my revenue, expense and cash flow for the month of February. My bank balance at the start of February was more than at the end of February (negative cash flow), but that was not annoying or particularly worrisome. I experienced it many months last year. What is worrisome is that the jobs I spent the most of my time on, the jobs that made me work on Sundays, in the middle of the night and didn't let me sleep well; for those jobs my payment is being delayed. The ones I didn't sweat much on ended up being the ones I got paid on time for. I log in to my Quickbooks and I see overdue invoices.


Almost everyday, I have to do some marketing, do Excel programming, do customer care, attend to random requests I keep getting in my mail, try to remember to do the important business case that has been pending for weeks, write a blog post, follow up for payments of work done and do Excel training (online or offline). I work harder than I have ever done before in my life, and everyday. There is always a sea of work in front of me and my goal is no longer getting them all done but figuring out which one to turn down.

And on days like this, when you are not even seeing the results of your hard work and still have to get stuff done. It's much tougher.


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