The Hardest Part Of Writing Daily

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I have a 9:00am training to take this morning and in order to prevent me from getting there late I wrote this post at 12:17am to 1:03am. The hardest part of writing is finding what to write about. It sometimes take me an entire day to come up with something to write about, but usually it takes between 1 hour and 6 hours. And it's almost impossible to rush the task. I can only rush after I have gotten the idea of what to write about.


Everyday I have to come up with an idea that I find interesting enough to write about. It's difficult to come up with a blog post idea daily and much more difficult when you have a mood-dependent mechanism of determining what is interesting enough to write about. Then I have to write. It is very easy to underestimate the amount of work required to put my thoughts into written words, ensure there is a PC to type them out on, ensure there is internet connection even if I traveled for an event or at a friend's weekend long wedding ceremony, and know that I will have to do it again tomorrow.

Regardless of how I feel. Regardless of how busy I am. Regardless of how much work I'm drowning in. And regardless of what feedback I get (I get lots of encouraging comments but I also get comments that suck the life out of my day). I have to write another article the next day and post it.

It is now over 18 months I have been writing daily. That is over 548 days and articles. Same as over one and half year. If I was swimming everyday for the same amount of hours and dedication for 18 months I would be a great swimmer. If I had been running for 2 hours daily for 18 months I would be thinking of representing Nigeria in the coming Olympics. If I had been practicing French for the same amount of hours daily and for that same 18 months, I would be fluent in French. Rather I have been spending hours daily thinking and writing for the past 18 months. I think it's fair that I consider myself an above average writer. And everyday I feel it is the one part of my life that is going amazingly great. The one thing I am not struggling to keep doing.

Though it's very time consuming to come up with a blog post and it can't be well scheduled as it requires huge internal motivation and some inspiration. Yet I have found it the easiest of my hard tasks. I somehow have always lived up to the responsibilities of writing daily. And I am able to do comfortably the hardest part of writing -- coming up with a daily blog post idea.


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