Another Plane Crash. Why Do Such Terrible Things Happen?

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Of all accidents, a plane crash is the worst. The victims burn to death. And yesterday there was a plane crash, in France. The airplane, Airbus A320, was going from Spain to Germany when it suddenly started descending after reaching its cruising altitude and crashed into a mountainous area in France. The image of the crash site shows a burning wreckage. It is believed that all the 150 people on board the plane are dead: children, women and men.

Whenever terrible events like this happen, the question I hear a lot of people ask is, "Why do such terrible things happen?" And today I want to share my answer to that question.

My answer is into three parts.

1. Actions -- Consequence
The reason for most of the bad things that happen around us is because someone or group of people took actions that brought about terrible consequences. Take our economic situation in Nigeria as an example. The dollar is rising against the naira, the oil price slump is having a plane crash effect on our economy and we have just be rated as one of the worst place on earth for anyone to be born in. All these are terrible things but they are all results of our collective actions, with more weight to the actions of our leaders.

There are some terrible things that are purely the consequence of an action. And like it's been said. "You can ignore reality but you can't ignore the consequence of ignoring reality." Every action or inaction on our part as a people or individual comes with consequences -- good consequences or terrible consequences. 

2. Natural Balance
We all know that the characteristics of a living thing include death. I still remember the primary school Mnemonic -- MR NIGER D. Well, nature has its way of enforcing the D one. To prevent the world from getting over populated or just to ensure that enough people die, nature itself comes up with terrible things like earthquakes and hurricanes. And I think in places like Nigeria, rather than giving us natural disasters it gave us political disasters.

3. God Is In Charge
If you are all powerful and all knowing like God, then you definitely would put in place happenings that will look like disasters to those who can't see beyond a few years. And I believe that for Christians that is the most reason for the terrible things that happen to us. The all knowing Almighty God allowed it to happen.

So the Boko Haram, the yesterday's plane crash, the current political killings and the current economic state that is causing businesses to sack employees, what is the reason for them? I think the reason is a mix of all the three. We brought some of all these on ourselves, it was some people's time to die and God is in control.

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  1. Hmm, the naira falling against the dollar is not a relevant example of a "bad thing". Norway is the best example of an oil producing country. They invest their oil revenue and oil forms only 25% of their GDP (i think this number make zero sense but this is what they report), yet their currency has devalued against the $ by 30% over the past year. The naira has only devalued 20%.


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