Microsoft's Amazingly Good Online Business Show: Modern Workplace

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I think the biggest online discovery I have made so far this year is stumbling upon Microsoft's new web show on business and how it is evolving in the 21st century. The show is called Modern Workplace. And to be sincere, it thoroughly beats my expectations of something coming from Microsoft. It is one of a kind, I don't know of any similar innovative show I can compare it with. Not even CNET's. And it's unlike Microsoft, to do something so creatively beneficial and not tie it to their software or give this much freedom. Every month they interview the people right in the middle of the innovative modern business world we live in, the companies doing the creatively different things and turning everything we have come to accept as the only way to get things done on its head.

The web show I watched this month was business (thought) transforming. And it is also a live show. It happens in a studio like the one our favourite CNN and BBC shows happen in but in this one you can chat in. You can send in your comments and questions that will be answered during the show. It's the closest to speaking to some of the popular people you've only dreamed of meeting. Imagine having to ask Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric, or Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, a question and they answer you instantly. 

You should head to Modern Workplace and register to get the invitation to the monthly live web show. For a lot of us it is the closest we get to the business and technology leaders who are creating the future, today.

Don't forget to register: Modern Workplace 


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