How I Do My Online Marketing

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Most of my clients find me online. My main marketing is online based. And today I will be sharing with you the online marketing strategies I use.


1. Blogging
Blogging was what brought me some of my first clients when I wasn't even thinking of making a business out of my Excel knowledge. People emailed me or called me and I guess it is because of what they read on my blog. Posting about Microsoft Excel and putting up complete helpful content and not a "to know more, register for our training" articles made people more comfortable with reaching out to me for their Excel jobs. I was able to establish myself as an expert in a very little time because I blogged about Excel and gave people a glimpse of what I can do with Excel.

I have had people call and say the reason they are choosing me above the others they saw was that they went through my blog and articles on Excel and it gave them that confidence that they've picked a true expert. They believed that if I would share that so much information for free then I must know a lot more.

2. LinkedIn
LinkedIn has got me a lot of clients recently. And since I began posting helpful articles on LinkedIn I have been getting a lot of targeted connections, people adding me to their network and messaging me because of my Excel expertise.

Just recently, I got a call from a contact who got who got know about my services online. He wanted his company to pick me as the training vendor for Microsoft Excel training because he was sure of the quality training that would mean for him and others in his company. So he talked to the HR about me, and guess what link he gave the HR manager? He gave her my LinkedIn profile link. Not even my company website link. And I think the HR manager was impressed too; she contacted me. That's how powerful a LinkedIn profile can be.

I have tens of messages in my LinkedIn inbox that are inquiries about my Excel services (especially training).

3. OLX
I have gotten a client via OLX, and I believe it must have gotten more than one client. Just that I seldom ask people how they got to know about my services.

All I did was to list my Excel training on OLX and specify that I cover people living on the Island. (I think I have to add another specifying that I cover people living on the mainland too).

4. and
I own those two domains. If you go to them you will land on my company website. One of the big jobs and clients I landed last year was purely because he was blown away by the fact that I own He felt like this guy must be very good.

5. Online Excel training and Webinar
I have gotten a huge list of prospective customers, over 500. And I got them by doing a three months free online training last year and a free webinar last month. It has also put me on the radar of the corporate clients I want. 

6. YouTube 
I have 24 high quality Excel tutorial videos on YouTube. And it has also helped people see the huge value they would get from attending our Excel training.

And those are the main ways I have been doing my online marketing.


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