The Things I Find Amazingly Easy To Do

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To compensate for my extreme introversion, God has made it easy for me do and enjoy some tasks a lot of people find not so enjoyable. And in today's post I will be sharing with you those tasks that I find amazingly easy to do.


1. Writing Computer Program
I forced myself to go sleep at 3:30am so that I will be able to wake up early to do this blog post. And guess what I was doing till 3:30am? I was writing a program. A Microsoft Excel program.

I enjoy writing computer programs. Amazingly, they don't give me headaches. They don't frustrate me. And they make time fly.

2. Reading
If I don't want to sleep, and maybe for two days straight, all I need to do is to open my favourite books and read. I find reading a very enjoyable activity. And luckily, unlike most other people who also enjoy reading, I also enjoy reading academic and technical books not just novels.

3. Fixing Computer Issues
I can't count the days I have skipped lunch because I was fixing an issue with a computer, either mine or someone else's. Currently and for the past two weeks, I have been trying to setup a Lenovo ThinkServer RD640 and configure a Cisco 2911 router. The router is not working fine with the Swift modem that provides the internet. And it seems I'm the only one trying to wire a Cisco rack router with a cheap Huawei internet modem. No help online. As for the RD640 server, I have downloaded CentOS 7 and Ubuntu Server 14. The annoying Lenovo guys didn't include the RAID configuration software and didn't pre-install the drivers so all the OSs I tried installing on it are not detecting the SAS hard drives. I have downloaded the configuration software and unsuccessfully spent a whole day trying to make a bootable USB from it. Now I will be getting a DVD to burn the software on.

I guess you can already feel the positive vibe fixing computer issues have on me.

4. Writing
I now find writing an amazingly easy task. For about three days in the last two weeks I wrote from daybreak to midnight with just short breaks to put my thoughts together and find something to eat. I find it easy to put my thoughts into written words, even much better than speaking them. 

Every time I write, I feel better afterwards. It's the main reason I am able to keep writing a blog post a day. It helps me relieve stress and feel energised for the day.

5. Bringing Data to Life
I love working with data: boring data, large data, fast changing data and programmable data. I can help you bring out the insights in your data and give the data a breath of life. I always seem to know what to do and what can come out of any particular data.


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