Meet Samsung Galaxy S6: Packed Full of Great Features Including Wireless Charging

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Samsung has finally released the latest in its Galaxy series family -- the Galaxy S6. And as usual the spec is very impressive, the only area Samsung Galaxy phones consistently beat the iPhone.


It also comes with a wireless charging technology.


Then there are two variants: Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is the more sophisticated one. It has a very beautiful curved screen.



And as for the computing specification, you can be sure of the best in the industry. It has up to 128GB internal memory, a 3GB RAM, It has a 13MP back camera and 5MP front camera (highest front camera resolution phone I know of!). The screen resolution is the highest in the industry, an amazing 2560 x 1440 pixels on a 5.1 inches screen. And a mind-blowing 2.1GHz 8 core processor (octa-core). I don't know of any laptop with 8 cores, its servers that come with that many cores.

And like I said in the beginning, it has got wireless charging too. You can charge it without plugging a cable to it.

Will you be getting one?


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