What If It Works

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What if we can have the life we want.

We all have 2 plans in life -- the one that will make our lives perfect and the one that won't make things worse. And the biggest difference between them is that we talk about one and we do the other. One is too risky; the other promises slow steady growth. One is almost impossible and the other is a piece of cake. One flourishes in our dreams while the other dominates our day-life.

I do not believe that the greatest tragedy in life is not following one's dream. In fact, I do not believe that there is a particular tragedy that can be objectively referred to as the greatest. People have valid reasons for not following their dreams. Good and, sometimes, brave reasons. But I do know that there is a particular good that can be referred to as the greatest good to befall a man, any man. And it is to go after your perfect life plan and (be fortunate) to achieve it.

One thing I occasionally ask myself is -- what if it works. What if my plan of a perfect life works. What if I give it a chance, and go full-heartedly after it. What if I stop focusing on avoiding the worst that can happen and go for the best that can happen. What if I go after my dream life. 

Unfortunately, the hard part isn't saying yes. The hard part isn't convincing myself that I am following the perfect life plan. While I was working full-time I was convinced that I was following my perfect life plan. Then when I resigned I believed I was doing it in pursuit of my perfect life plan. It's amazing how we can rationalize every action we take and portray ourselves in the brightest good light. The hard part is in saying no. Saying no to postponing milestone events in our lives. Saying no to waiting for luck. Saying no to weights that set us facing the direction of our perfect life but drags us in the direction of an easy life. Saying no to peer pressure. Saying no to outside voices. Saying no to fear of failure. And saying no to analysis paralysis.

The only genuine way to follow our perfect life plan is to travel light and take risks. Hoping it will work out. And as for me, I'm seriously praying it will work out. 


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