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There are some of us who wouldn't learn anything intensely unless there's a certificate to be gotten in the end. They, oftentimes, pass up the amazing opportunities to learn for free that abound, as only few of those free opportunities provide the luxury of a certificate.

Today, I'll be sharing with you a couple of the amazing ways you can learn for free. 

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Cousera gives you free access online to over 600 courses from 100+ universities and organizations in the world. I have taken some courses from the University of Michigan, University of Melbourne, Duke University, University of Toronto and John Hopkins University. You get taught mostly by professors with decades of experience teaching at those universities and are trying hard to match the quality of teaching they give to their offline/regular students. All for free to you. 
I owe a large part of my knowledge of world history and corporate finance to courses I took on Coursera. I consider it the number 1 way to learn from University professors for free.

If you want to learn web programming, codecademy is the number one place to start. It has a fail-safe method of teaching web design, Javascript, jQuery, Python, Ruby and PHP. You learn by doing, via an ingeniously simple way. There's almost no way you cannot absorb and retain the knowledge codecademy with impart to you. And it's 100% free.

Microsoft has put together a huge collection of well organized training for IT and all Microsoft's technologies. Without paying for anything, you can learn C#, VB, HTML5, Javascript, Microsoft Azure, Windows Phone App development, C++, Game Development, Windows App development, Web Apps and Web Development from industry experts.

HP Learning Initiative For Entrepreneurs (LIFE) offer free training for entrepreneurs worldwide. You learn for free the Finance, Marketing, Operations and Corporate Communications education you need to build a world class company, with lots of free extra support from HP.

5. Khan Academy
Khan Academy, like Coursera, provides lots of courses for free. The difference is that while Coursera focuses on University courses, Khan Academy on both high school and university courses. And it's courses are available year round, unlike Coursera's which are available at specific periods of the year.

6. Memrise
Memrise is your perfect free solution to learning any (major) language. It has the best research-backed effective interactive means of learning a language. It's free and have full featured Android and iOS apps. It will take you from the beginner's level in any major language to a proficiency level, and you will be amazed by the depth and breadth of the language learning curriculum it has. I use it for my French learning. You can also learn German, Spanish, Chinese and many other languages on Memrise.

There's almost nothing you can't find a how-to video on in YouTube. 

8. Google
Lastly, Google is your biggest partner in learning anything for free. 


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