You Are A Genius

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"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." That's probably the most famous quote by Albert Einstein, a man whose name has become a synonym for high intelligence. And he is saying you are a genius. 

Though none of us sees himself/herself as a moron, most of do not actually see ourselves as a genius. When we make the classifications in our minds, using the common criteria, we are sure that we are just a regular guy/girl. That there is nothing significantly special about us. But we are wrong and that quote by Albert Einstein explains it all.

As sarcastic as it sounds, it's also true: The unique thing about everyone of us is that we are each unique. There is no average man. It's only when we group everyone together and divide by a criterion that we come up with the notion of seeing some as average, another some as below average and a few as genius. The educational system judges by book knowledge and classifies the egghead as a genius. The corporate world judges by revenue and classifies the guy who is able to generate an unusual amount of it as a genius. The political world judges by followership and classifies the folks with the largest followership as geniuses. But these systems of classification are wrong, they are like judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree. That's why the book genius is rarely a political genius. Unfortunately, we have only few famous classification criteria. Some of us are geniuses at things people aren't aware of. Within some of us lies a new field of study, a new kind of sport, an unusual invention, and a new criterion for detecting geniuses.

And like the fish we need to find our own pool. We need to stop trying to climb a tree. We need to stop accepting the labels the society puts on us. We need to figure out our special ability and max it out. We need to start seeing ourselves as a genius. It doesn't matter if no one thinks there's something significantly special about us. What matters is that there's definitely something, significant or not, special about each one of us. Whether we've discovered it or not. And when we discover it, we should make it significant. We should give it a front row in our lives' procession. We should let our lights shine. 

Everyday of your life you should never consider someone else better than you, you shouldn't let anyone or group of people make you feel less, you shouldn't let anyone judge you by a wrong criterion, you shouldn't let anyone treat you like trash, you should stand up with shoulders high and chest out anywhere because you, my friend, are a genius.


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