Understanding Growth

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Reading through the lives of hundreds of entrepreneurs has opened my eyes to how great achievements are made. That everything, no matter how big, started very small, like a seed. And that the secret of all greatness is growth, persistent growth.

Everything in life is like life itself. We all start the same way, a weak helpless tiny baby. And the growth begins. Some are lucky to have parents with more insight and resources, they prioritize the growth of their children above all else. They spend huge amount of money, time and human resources to ensure their children enjoy an all round growth that is persistent. They introduce their children to every influential community they are a part of, they involve their children in the family business, they turn themselves to the ladder their children climb up to great heights. 

Then there are some who aren't lucky to have much to inherit from their parents, all their parents could give them isn't enough to ensure a persistent steady growth in all areas of their lives. Some didn't even get the luxury of parents, they had no ready-made ladder to climb. 

But whichever category your start of life falls in, in the end it doesn't matter. Everyone still have to face a hard life, born rich or not. Where the real difference in what you end up as lies is in what you did since taking charge of your life. When you became an adult. Did you delude yourself into relying solely on your parents' affluence, pulling the plug on your growth? Or did you let go of how you began life, great or grim, and placed priority on ensuring a steady persistent growth towards your idea of a fulfilled life?

As far as success is concerned in life, what matter most is knowing where you are going and how much time you have to get there. If you've ever employed the services of a financial adviser, those are the two key things he'd want to find out from you before giving you any financial advice. And it's like that with not just the financial aspect of our life but our life in its entirety. At birth no one is better than the other. By the time we become young adults all the difference between us is the result of what our parents/guardians had in mind for us. But in the end, all the difference between everyone of us will be the result of the individual life goals we set and pursued.

If you take time out to figure out where you want to go in life and start early with a steady growth in the direction of that life goal, only death can stop you. It doesn't matter how you began life or where you ended up as a young adult, all that matters is having a clear life goal and going for it with diligence. And better if you give it your all. It will be like aiming for the moon and landing among the stars; you will definitely exceed all expectations the same way a growing baby does.

Like companies, you are better off starting lean. Start with as few responsibilities as you can. Don't spend your youth trying to match your friends and neighbours. The cream always rise to the top. Let your outside catch up with your inside. Growth is faster when you are leaner. And in the end you will have everything, the luxuries you've always wanted, and most importantly a fulfilled life.


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