What My Average Day is Now Like

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I'm writing this post at past midnight. And that's how I now start each day. Most days, I start the blog post at 10pm or 11pm and continue till 1am. After scheduling the blog post to post at 7am, so that my email service will pick it up at 8am and mail to everyone who subscribed to my blog; I go back to reading or practicing some more programming. After an hour or two, I log every expense I made that day, then, I read my bible passage for the day, pray and go to sleep. 

I wake between 7am and 11am. Read a page in my French self-study book, check my emails. If I have an appointment, I begin to rush (in slow motion) to ensure that I don't leave home too late. Usually, when I leave for appointments I come back home late at night. But when I don't have an appointment, I open Outlook and reply to some of my emails. Do some work. Skip breakfast. Take lunch. Start reading on programming and practicing. Take video classes. Take online lessons. Take my bath. Go back to reading. Then between 9pm and 11pm I take my supper. And begin writing a blog post. Till it's past midnight.

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Now you might wonder: why is there more reading than work? It's because I have this grand plan to start Nigeria's first real online stock brokerage and analysis portal. To open a stock brokerage account will be as easy as opening a Facebook account (though will require scanned copies of your utility bill, ID card and 2 signed forms), but you won't need to come to our physical office. Then it will have the Nigerian equivalent of Morningstar.com You will be able to do all the stock analysis and the comparisons you want right on the site. I have already begun gathering the raw data I need. It's my big step to achieving a much bigger goal, to someday start a hedge fund.

But why don't I just find someone to build the software and focus on the business part? Well, there are 2 reasons:

  1. I'm not business-oriented. I'm only good at getting things done but not good at getting paid for it. I'm more like an artist, especially a painter who would rather spend all day painting than discussing business with potential clients. In fact, I recently met an old entrepreneur who told me that what I need is a manager, someone who would handle the business negotiations on my behalf and get his fixed cut but owns no part of my biz till I learn to do it myself. However, I'm sticking to what I'm good at. And I'm good at learning to do things from scratch myself. Working with other people stymies my creativity. I love working alone, hearing only my own breath in the room. And I would rather take the long route to success than trade that luxury for a co-founder.
  2. I don't have definite business plan. There's no structure to guide the relationship between me and any business partner. And I can't hire a freelance developer as I don't have all the pieces together, and I plan to build the site slowly and continuously. Though, in the end, I will have to hire people but it's definitely not now.
So I've been learning HTML5, CSS3, ASP.Net MVC web applications, JavaScript, Windows Phone App development and cloud services. Spending more than half of my average day on them.


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