The One Resource in Life That Can't be Recovered

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Time is that resource we have in life that, if wasted, can't be recovered. And for people my age, it is our biggest resource. How we spend it makes all the difference between living a fulfilled life and wishing we could turn back the hands of time.


So how can you avoid wasting time? That's a tough question and I'm not old enough to know the answer. But I do know a few guidelines that can help you make the most of time.

And they are --

  1. Prioritize learning over earning. Among the richest men in the world, the ones who wield real power are not the ones who made their money through luck or a hot talent, they are the ones who amassed a wealth of knowledge on their way up and built their success on that solid rock. When disasters come they rebound fast. They are not afraid to say if all they have is taken from them and their knowledge is left, they will regain their wealth. In spending your time, value learning over quick gain.
  2. Some experiences are timeless. Like being there at your child's birth. And most other rare family moments. Those time are timeless. They are worth more than every other thing. They should have unrestricted access to your time.
  3. It's never in the number of years. William Shakespeare died at the age of 52. Joan of Arc died at the age of 19. If they could change the world forever with a not-so long life, then it proves that it's not in the number of years. What matters most is to spend your time doing the things you are most passionate about. 
  4. Go on adventures and take up challenges. Ever wondered why the movies we enjoy most are not the ones about how the super rich spend their money but movies about adventurous people, men of action and regular people taking up tough challenges? It's because that is where the most fun in life lies. Spend your time living the kind of live you would like to watch a movie about. 
  5. Don't count your loses. Every second you spend regretting the past is eternally lost. Learn to always move on as fast as possible. What is gone is gone. Mistakes made are already made. Opportunities lost won't come back through grieving. Even our very life is not ours, let alone the things we amass. The easiest way to waste time is to spend it brooding over the past.
  6. Put smiles on people's faces. Do as much good as you can. It's the easiest way to change your world, for good. And one of the best ways to spend time.
Those are the few guidelines I could come up with, I hope it helps you make better use of your time.


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