Buy a Round-The-World Ticket for $5,680

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But you'll have to sort out your accommodation, feeding and living outside the plane for at least 10 days before the next plane ride. Still it's a very cheap way to travel the entire world, visiting all the continents except Antarctica. Taking about 12 plane rides, that's less than $500 for a plane ride from New York to Tokyo.

Here's my recommended itinerary, booked using OneWorld  

Start from Lagos and head to New York (visit South America before next trip)

From New York, head to Tokyo. Visit some Asian countries.

Tokyo to Sydney, then Dubai. Finally visit EU countries via Paris. Return to Lagos.

The biggest problem is that you'll have to do the herculean task of getting visas to all the countries you plan to visit before leaving Nigeria. Unlike US and European citizens, most countries don't give us visa on arrival. You can't just show up in their country and request for a visa. Special thanks to our terrible global reputation. View the Global Visa Restriction Index by Henley & Partners. Central African Republic, Togo, Niger, Ghana, Zimbabwe and lots of other African countries rank better than us, they have less travel/visa restrictions.

But that shouldn't stop you from planning to visit the world. With a good visa agent, you can get visas to (almost) all the countries you want to visit.

P.S. If you don't get any blog post from me on August 1 2014, then know that a miracle has happened and I'm on a world tour.


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