The Beauty Of Starting Small

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I frequently come across people who are not aware of the power of starting small. 


"I don't have time."
"I want to finish this and that first."
"I don't have enough resources."
"No one is willing to support me."
"I need to get to so-and-so level before I can start."
"It's going to be very demanding."
"No fund."
"Nigeria is not the right place to do something like this. Not enough people will appreciate the value."
"If only I had gotten his kind of opportunity."
"It's too late. The big guys have taken all, only crumbs are left."
"I can't start that small."

I'm obviously too young and inexperienced to give enough personal experiences/examples to prove the point I want to make. So for a start, you definitely have a valid reason to stick to whatever you tell yourself that hinders you from starting what you really want to do. Your excuses are valid. And I can't prove otherwise, at least, for now. Maybe 10 years from now I will have enough personal examples to show you why you need to brave up and start small.

But one thing is indisputable. The journey of a thousand mile will always start with a step. One step. And then another. Even a baby, weak and helpless, crawls and covers more distance than its mother wants. You are not weak. You are not helpless. You can do more than crawling. You can take a step, no matter how small. You can start small. 

If it's a book you've always wanted to write, you can start today. You can write a sentence a day.
If it's a business you want to start, you can register the business today. Start by giving it a name and registering the name.
If it's a house you want to build, you can open a special bank account for it. Start putting some money, no matter how small, into that account monthly.
Whatever it is you want to do, you can. If you start small.

The beauty of starting small is that your efforts compound. Writing one sentence daily is not going to give you just 365 sentences at the end of a year. No. It will give you much more. Most likely by the 6th month you would have progressed to writing 2 sentences a day. Then the quality of your sentences would have taken the lift up. The amount of time you spend writing one sentence would have reduced by more than half. Everyone around you will begin to notice your writing talent. New windows of opportunity will open up to you. Some lives would have been permanently touched by your writing. And best of all, it will become like brushing your teeth in the morning -- a very easy and natural task for you.

When you start small, you go further than your limitations. You open yourself up for miracles. And you exceed your expectations. 


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