Why You Should Invest In Yourself

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And I don't just mean book/knowledge wise. You should invest in your total self -- mental, physical and spiritual. Read well and wide. Eat well and exercise regularly. Pray and read the bible daily.

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  1. Wealth can be lost. Business investments can vapourize. In life the one thing no one can take away from you is your investment in yourself. 
  2. Research has shown that we are more attracted to a good body shape and a healthy skin than all other physical qualities. Whether you are fat, slim, tall or short; if you put in some effort regularly to exercise and care for your skin you will have a more attractive body shape and a glowing skin. It's more valuable than the most expensive cloth money can buy.
  3. The happiest people aren't the richest or most beautiful/handsome, but the ones with a healthy spiritual life. Life is so crazy no one should face it all alone.
  4. The world is changing. It is no longer enough to have a good diction, to be well traveled and be good at your job. You need to be well-read. To be computer literate, internet savvy, finance literate, history aware, and emotionally intelligent. It's the only way to flourish in this new age.
  5. Put your knowledge to work. It's no longer just about what you know, but what you do with what you know. The people who are getting ahead in life are those who are not afraid to fail and who are constantly putting their knowledge to work. They take small risks regularly and stretch their comfort zones by putting their knowledge to work in ways no one else is doing.
  6. We no longer live in a village where only your age matters. Nowadays, the oldest people look the poorest and loneliest. They are cut off from almost everything. Even little children find little to learn from their grandparents, because everything has changed. It's the little children who are teaching their grannies how to adapt to this new world, how to fit in. If you don't invest heavily in yourself and grow, you will be left behind.
  7. Fortune favours the prepared. Only the equipped can seize an opportunity. If you invest heavily in yourself, you will be constantly running into opportunities. 
  8. People hang out will people like them. If you invest in yourself, you will have a better class of friends. And ultimately enjoy a richer more fulfilling life.
  9. You can only give what you have. If you want to inspire others, especially your children and grandchildren, then you need to invest heavily in yourself. 
  10. Finally, you'll have a better chance of leaving a good legacy. For your children, especially.
If you think I'm missing one or more points, kindly share.


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