Changing The World

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I'm going to change the world. Why and how, I don't know and I don't care. After a deep immersion into the world and writings of entrepreneurs, today I can now call myself an entrepreneur. The success stories of all the entrepreneurs I have read about: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Evan Williams, Mark Cuban, Max Levchin, Richard Branson, and a hundred others are no longer stories to me. I have read so much about a couple of them that I now feel like I know them personally. I no longer just see myself as capable of changing the world. I'm going to change the world.

Entrepreneurship is all about self delusion. An unfounded notion that you can do anything and succeed at it. And change the world while doing it. And today I think the entrepreneurial bug in me has gone full-blown. I'm going to start from where I am, a Microsoft Excel guru, and not just go after a piece of the market pie. I will go after the entire pie. Warren Buffett says if you can provide a high quality product or service cheaply, the world will look for you even to the bottom of the sea. And he gave a practical example too, of a Russian woman in US who couldn't speak English well and had little formal education and yet killed all the established competition in her chosen area of business by simply providing the same high quality product for a much cheaper price. She could have been Jeff Bezos' inspiration for founding

Then I'll do what I have always been known for at all the companies I have worked: learn fast. I will keep iterating till I have not just one but several killer products. I will become synonymous with business data analysis in Nigeria. As long as I keep following the need, having a product for everyone especially those at the bottom of the pyramid. Whether it takes 1 year or 3 years, and regardless of what percentage of that time I'm broke I'm doing it.

I'm going to ignore the competition and established tactics. I'm going to bypass the middlemen. I'm going to focus on producing original high quality products and services. I'm going to aim at my end users, the real customers/consumers. Even if I have to offer them the services for free at first. Paypal began by paying people to use its services, now people can't imagine their lives without Paypal. Nigerians are currently begging Paypal to provide its services in Nigeria. In real life, only results matter. Not economic principles on pricing or academic arguments on marketing. Find a need, meet it better than the competition and, soon, there will no competition.

Keep doing it and you will change the world.


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