Finally! I Now Have Pictures Worth Sharing

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Yes! I no longer have just old no-longer-looking-like-me pics. With special thanks to I now have lovely pictures taken with a professional camera with amazing backgrounds and with great people.

That's me!

I'll never stand at the back again, I can hardly see myself.

I'll probably frame this one

Group photo with Dr Christopher Kolade. Again, I can't see myself

Yeah! That's me. And the NLI executives.

I'm not going to let short people push me to the back anymore.

Me and the Deputy Director of USAID

Listening to Mr Asue Ighodalo

My new Social Media Avatar

Me & Others. I already told you I'm narcissistic.

Me. Again.

Again, I'm nowhere to be spotted.

CEO of NLI, Mr Yinka Oyinlola & Me

Me & Others.

These are the only cool pictures of me I have had in 3 years (except a couple I was tagged in on Facebook). So please bear with me.


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