The Higher The Entry Barrier, The Better For You

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Today, I will be buying one of the latest Windows phones that run the latest Windows Phone OS (Windows 8.1 Phone OS). Why? I'll explain in the next paragraphs.

All my Excel clients did the first contact. They contacted me first. And when I was still at a full-time job and I couldn't meet the weekday training requirement some had, they asked me for whom else they could call. I have never had to compete with someone else for a client. It was always like I'm the only one. They made me feel like I'm the only one. Reason? We are very few in this line of business. The entry barrier is high. Not many people learn Excel deeply enough to quit their jobs to start an Excel consultancy. There's no buzz around it and the start is very difficult.

How many people do you know in Nigeria making their full-time income as an independent software programmer? Probably none. Me too. All the Nigerian programmers I know are working for Paga, for Interswitch and for other companies. Why? It's no small work. And by the time you are good enough to do this professionally, you would already be working for some company and won't want to quit to become an independent software programmer. The entry barrier is very high. 

I have made programs for clients in and outside Nigeria. The ones outside Nigeria just see me as one like many. They dominate the negotiation and pay whatever they desire. While the ones in Nigeria see me as one in a million and everything is done on my own terms. Sincerely, I have no (local) competition in the area of programming I do. 

So why am I buying a Windows phone today? I want to become a Windows Phone app developer. I have mentioned that several times before. I have read a couple of books already. I have made one Windows phone app already and published on the Windows Phone store. I have lots of app ideas I'm working on. It's now time I bought a Windows phone solely for app development purposes. 

It's going to be a hard tortuous journey and I'm not going to be able call myself a professional Windows app developer for the next one or two years. And I will have to sacrifice a lot of time that I could have put into making money. My goal is to end up building enterprise web apps for businesses and work enhancing apps for professionals. It will be a perfect mix of my enterprise knowledge, programming skill and the power of the internet. I will also try to remake my final year project as a home automation web app. Right from your phone, you can see all your home appliances that are switched on. You can see if your children switched off the water heater in their bathroom, if your housemaid switched off the cooker, if the clumsy guest you have switched off the pressing iron, if the last person to leave home turned off all the electric lights, and can also switch any monitored appliance on or off from your phone. It sounds complex, but it's not. I have done it before, as my final year project. This time I will redo it, and make the control portal a web app running on your phone.


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