Been Learning A Lot Lately

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First of all, I have published my second windows phone app. In one of my posts last month, I asked for phone app ideas and also mentioned some of the ideas I had. Well, one of them has transitioned from an idea to a real working published-on-Windows-store app. In the process of learning to build that app, I bought a Windows Lumia phone, 2 Windows phone 8 programming books and took video classes on PluralSight.


And that's not all. I have also been learning web development from scratch. Also bought a couple of books and already practicing. I'm already working on setting up a web app on I have migrated the site to web app hosting platform and should be done with a simple web app soon.

Then, I have been learning a lot in making training videos. Recorded and edited the training videos for my upcoming online Excel training. A herculean task. Used a paid software. Had to watch several tutorial videos on how to make and edit tutorial videos. Then I recorded a couple of videos 3 or 5 times before I could get a great output. 

I have also been learning a lot in business negotiation. There is no permanent "yes" and no permanent "no". And anyone can, and often, disappoints. If you're bent on getting paid what you are worth, you had better stick to a regular 8 - 5 job. Activities do not translate to money (the Yoruba version sounds better -- Ise ko lowo). Not only time flies, money also flies. 

But best of all, I have learned more about myself. I now know why business owners are often crazy people. If you have to spend to get a customer, then spend to provide the customer the product/service he needs, and then have to spend to get the customer to pay. You will soon become crazy. And I think I have joined them. Unfortunately, I became crazy in a crazy way. Doing a couple of the things I've read you should never do if you want to grow your customer base. And I tell people "No" a lot. Most especially prospective customers. I have become very choosy in the work I take up. Even the sight of my bank balance has lost it's steroid effects on me. I would rather sleep or read than do some jobs. And why? Most times it's simply because it's not completely an Excel work. And sometimes, it's even easier than an Excel work. I have also discovered than my relationship with books is no longer a healthy one. I have been buying more books than I intend to read. And draining my savings. I have also lost my ability to wake up early. I now get to events and meetings late, even the ones scheduled for afternoon. On some days I wake up at 10:00am and still feel sleepy. And I've become more introvertive. 


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