Not Everyone Falls In Love

If falling in love means to love someone more than every other person and to want to be around that someone all the time, then not everyone falls in love. Well, as long as everyone includes me.

Sure, I have met a couple of girls who set my heart on a race. But I have never taken them more seriously that a good source of heart exercise. I seldom remember them 4 hours later. And that's how far love at first sight as been for me. 

I have never said the following words to any girl, "I love you". Maybe because I have never said it to anyone before in my life, not even to my parents. Or maybe I have never felt strongly enough about any girl to tell her those words. But I know part of the reason is because I'm not good at teasing people. I like to say things as they are or appear to me. And love is a really strong word. I have heard several girls tell me they love me, mostly to get me to say something. But a very few did really mean it, and I wished they didn't because they made me look heartless. 

After it happened to me, I found out that the one thing I can't stand is having someone call me everyday and over 5 times daily. And that's why I think falling in love is not for everyone. Even if by some miracle that I doubt will happen, I get to love one particular person (girl) above every other; I'm very sure I won't come across someone I will like to be around all of the time. So for me, marrying is more like a life event, done because it must be done and not because I fell in love. And the choice of whom to marry will not be an emotional one for me. It will simply be choosing someone I can live with and who will be happy to live with me. And as for dating, funny I always end up winning the girl. But thanks to my not picking calls, never calling back. They move on.


  1. Hehehehehe...Mikey!!! I hear you and I am not the least bit surprised. Happiness is all that really matters, so if this logic-ridden algorithm you have come up with will work for you and 'the' lady, why not?


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