SpectraNet 4G (LTE) Current Plans, Price, Validity and Access Time

We all have data needs, a need for internet access that is very cheap and very fast. And also extremely accessible, a true plug and play type.

I think I have found the perfect solution, at least for me.


I can buy an overpriced shoe and not feel too bad about it. This year I have bought over 5 shoes (I think 8). And I still plan to get one more. It's the price you pay in corporate Lagos. You must wear good shoes, and somehow, they still don't last.

But I will feel extremely bad if I buy an overpriced IT device. I believe that I know too much (IT-wise) to be cheated. I have bought only one internet modem in my life, MTN Fastlink. I still use it. I configured it to work for all the networks - Airtel (and even while it was Zain), Etisalat and Glo. 

My Excel consultancy part-time biz is growing, I'm beginning to need more than the data bundle in my Airtel BIS plan (which I currently use on my Android phone, tablet & PC). I have been shopping around for the best value option.

I need a very fast internet access, available 24hours every day of the week, and the cheapest available.

The last criterion rules out all MTN, Etisalat, Glo and Airtel data packs. Though the Airtel BIS qualifies, but I'll prefer one I won't need to subscribe to BIS to use. And so my options are Swift, Cobranet and Spectranet.

SpectraNet ticked all my three requirements.

They've got the only 4G network in Nigeria. What Swift is masquerading as 4G is just a WiMax, one of the dying telecoms standards. The company I first worked for after university lost millions of dollars betting on WiMax. I know the whole WiMax story too well to buy anything running on it. Not that WiMax nor the internet providers running it provide poor services. Not at all. Swift is definitely good. Just that I know there is something better: 4G, the real one. And that's what SpectraNet is offering. 

I went to SpectraNet's stand at Park n Shop last Saturday, to get details of coverage and price/plans. They seem to be covering the whole of Lagos. And from the feedback from friends that use SpectraNet, they're are customer friendly and very reliable. I have looked at the data plans on offer and their prices, they are way cheaper than the ones by our GSM telcos. If things go better than I plan, I'll be getting one soon.

Here is the listing of their LTE plans (Updated: June-13-2014)

24x7 Plans Data Bundle Price Validity Access Time
Excess Neo 4000 N4,000 30 days 24x7
Excess Value 7000 N7,000 30 days 24x7
Excess Value 8000 N8,000 30 days 24x7
Excess Smart 12000 N12,000 30 days 24x7
Excess Smart 14500 N14,500 30 days 24x7
Excess Smart 19500 N19,500 30 days 24x7
Excess Premium N45,000 30 days 24x7
Night & Weekend Data Bundle Price Validity Access Time
Knight 4000 20GB N4,000 30 days 6pm - 8am
Knight 6000 40GB N6,000 30 days 6pm - 8am
Knight 8000 55GB N8,000 30 days 5pm - 9am
Kinght Cine 4000 40GB N4,000 30 days 10pm - 8am
Kinght Cine 5000 50GB N5,000 30 days 10pm - 8am

*All the LTE Double plans have a special condition. The data bundle is split into halves and you can only use one in the day and the other at night. For example, the LTE Double 10GB, you can only use 5GB in the day and the other 5GB at night. If you download a 5GB software during the day, you 'll have to surf the net at night. The validity of all the plans is 30 days. 

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  1. hi... so have you checked to see if its really truly the best here now(spectranet).. heard swift is mad fast though.. i'm hoping you could do a thorough review on both providers...i.e spectranet & swift... this will really save me from headaches of trying to choose...

  2. Hi,
    I haven't done a hands-on review yet. All I can give is a suggestion based on feedback from friends.

    I'll suggest you ask to tryout the service before buying. Well, that was what my boss did before buying spectranet. And the funny part was he bought it a year after trying the service. He didn't like dongle at first, hence, the reason for the one year wait.

  3. Pls can you shed more light on Spectranet's devices, what types they have, their function/purpose and which is best for a small business. Thanks.

  4. Hi friend,

    Spectranet is an internet service provider. Unlike MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat, selling quality internet service is its core business. That's why I'll recommend it's services for small business/organizations.

    But Spectranet is not the only option, there is Swift Networks and Cobranet. They all sell you internet modems and monthly internet subscriptions that are affordable priced. You can go to big Malls like ParknShop or Shoprite to test the services for free before buying, or at least, get more reliable information.


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