MVP #22 How to password protect an Excel File in Office 2010

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Occasionally, I work on very confidential Excel files, ones that I don't want anyone accessing at all.

And in this post I will show you how I password protect those files, so no one can see the content without my very long password.

This will be short and straight to the point.

Also note that I use Excel 2010.

Open the file you want to password. Go to File.

Scroll down to Info and Select

You'll see a main window similar to the one below, 

Click on Protect Workbook. A menu list will drop down. 

Click on Encrypt with Password.

A dialog-box will come up.

Enter the password you want to encrypt the file with. You'll do this twice.

Now, whenever you try to open the file, you get a prompt for password first.

And that's how to password protect an Excel File in Office 2010.


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