3 great ways to improve your daily life as a Nigerian

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Today I'm going to share three great tips you can incorporate into your life to enjoy each day more despite the stress and pressure of living in Nigeria (esp. Lagos).

  1. Stop assuming everyone is sane. It will help you to cope with the crazy and creatively stupid things people do. You'll be more at ease driving in Lagos as you are now aware that the guy driving next to you should probably be visiting a shrink everyday of the week. You'll stop cursing people on the road, on the phone and in the newspapers; because you now know that you're simply wasting energy you could save for something better. And best of all, you won't be surprised or too worried when you do something stupid. We are all insane, at least, most of the time.
  2. Stop reading newspapers daily. Our journalists still write like we all leave in a village  and that we can't read by ourselves and will require them to read what they've written to us. They begin a news article with, It has happened again, another building collapsed yesterday at Balogun market... Reading our newspapers is one of the surest way to reducing your IQ. You don't learn anything that's based on critical analysis and thinking. If you practice the advice in the special sections (on Investment, health, etc.), you are better off crossing the highway walking backwards. The only things I read in our newspapers are the NSE price movement and adverts.
  3. Stop blaming the Government for anything. When you trip over a stone and fall, do you blame the stone? For Christ's sake, the government has been like this since Nigeria became a nation, it has become a stone. It's up to you to make up your mind about where and how you want to live. Your bum is not screwed to this country. If you hate things so much that you can't stop blaming the government, then relocate, move to another country. If you don't want to relocate, then zip your howling screamer! Take responsibility for your life. If it's the environment that makes the man, then all those who lived before the 17th century lived a very miserable life. They had no electricity, no pipe borne water, no tarmacked road, no train, no airports, no GSM network and most other things that make us curse the government.
And those are the three great ways to improve your daily life in Nigeria.

Thanks for reading. I can wait to see your comments.


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