What we really want from life

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We fill each passing day with activities
We try to squeeze a year out of each week
We take up so many roles and responsibilities
We try hard to make others see us as not weak
We want to be everyone's hero
We want to change the world we live in
We dream of being the hero from zero
We want to put an end to every killing
We know the very thing we want from life
We reflect soberly on each passing year
We seek an easy life with no strife
We desire a life with very little to bear
We have lovely dreams and aspirations
We build beautiful castles in the air
We feel we deserve more and admirations
We seek companionship in those that care
We talk of the wonderful things we've done
We want an audience that will cheer
We try hard not to burn our bridges
We look for the man that will lead us up
We hope for a success packed with fudges
We know all the easy ways to the top
We try to please those we can
We let go of those we must
We believe there is a masterplan
We look for signs so we won't get lost
We think of all the people who has gone ahead
We are inspired by the stories of their lives
We consider the journey ahead
We stop keeping count of our skives
We force ourselves to believe we are doing enough
We pray for God's grace on every effort
We don't want the way that's tough
We want to inspire a noble thought
We want to be remembered for good
We want to bask in a great glory
We want to be a legend, myth's food
All we want from life is a good story

Underneath our noble dreams and aspirations, underneath our inspiring talks on changing the world and mending lives, underneath the desire to be a great leader, underneath each castle we built, lies the desire to have a great story.
All we truly want from life is a story, one that will inspire generations after us, one that will turn us to legends and feed myths.
All we want from life is a good story.

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