Manage an Account? Here's a Birthday Reminder app to help you never miss a client/colleague's birthday

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Surprisingly, next to my Family Budget Worksheet, my Birthday Reminder application has been the most popular. In fact, if not for the publicity I gave the budget worksheet, the birthday reminder excel application would have been my most popular.

And today, I'll be sharing the generic version of that application with you.

Here's how it works.

  • You'll fill in the name, phone number, email and birthday of your contacts
  • Save the Excel file and close it.
  • And that's all!
Well, almost all.
Now, to see the details of the people having a birthday that week, just open the Excel file. Voila! You'll get an individual notification of the Name, Phone Number, Email and Birthday of each of your contacts celebrating his/her birthday that week (or within the next 7 days).

And if you want a custom version, one that will automatically send a birthday message on your behalf, you will have to contact my Secretary via (the secretary is the monetized version of me).

Don't worry about the year in the birthday field, it's the day and month that matter. My program is intelligent enough to handle any year.

And to make life easy for those among us that hate Excel, I have removed (nearly) all formatting. There is nothing to frustrate you, just add more names as your business contacts/clients grow.


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