Personal Branding: How to Create a Good Impression Always


This is a very special post. I’ll be sharing with you secrets it cost me some regrets, lots of reading, and some money to learn.

I’ll be showing you the foolproof way to creating a good impression always. 
No beating about the bush.

1.     Use a body lotion daily
You’re probably laughing, but I’m very serious.
People’s first impression of you is 80% built on how you look. Even if you are dressed like a king but have the body of an auto-mechanic: greasy, deep wrinkles, and unevenly toned skin, you only create an impression of a jerk who has suddenly come into wealth.

And nowadays, no one wants to be seen with a human mosaic at the beach.

Get a good body lotion, one that is perfect for your skin type and use it daily. Soon, you’ll begin to look like a million dollar and among the top of the elite. You’ll have a healthy skin that glows and never stops attracting eyeballs.

I use Unilever’s Vaseline Total Moisture (it’s got vitamins A, B5 & E), and I have been using it for years now.

Don’t get a skin toning cream. Don’t buy into that marketing crap about your real complexion being what it used to be when you were a teenager. As you grow older, your skin darkens to protect itself against the sun. And the only way to prevent that is to stay indoor all your life.

2.       Dress Conservatively
Yes, except you make a living by being controversial and unconventional, like most musicians.
Over the decades, we have managed to create a generally accepted concept of an ideal man or woman.
When you think of an ideal man, one to use as a model for young boys, you don’t think of someone with dreadlocks or long hair, long beards, and dressed in crazy jeans. You picture a man with a low hair-cut, clean shaved beards, and conservatively dressed.

If you intend to create a good impression always, you are better off looking like that ideal man. 
Millions of bank managers can’t be wrong; your dressing matters more than you think.

If you’re a guy - get a low hair-cut, get rid of your long beards, don’t get (obvious) tattoos, don’t make a ring hole in your ear, nose or eyelid, and don’t live at the crazy edge of fashion.

If you’re a lady - don’t have wear more earrings than ears; don’t turn your face to an art board, a line-less face is only attractive on billboards but a bit scary in real life; don’t get a tattoo at the back of your neck; and don’t make people hiss every time you pass by, if you want to create good and not rotten impressions.

Finally, don’t dress cheap. The world’s richest men dress conservatively. Wear quality.

3.       Beat your body into the ideal shape
Please read this Wikipedia’s article on Attractiveness.

There’s no one who is so plain that a good body shape won’t make very attractive.
The path to that ideal body shape will differ for every one of us, but the reward is always worth the work.

For me, I had to eat more protein and regularly do exercises that turned my board-like upper body into a muscular V-shaped one.
For you, it might be cutting down on your food intake and cycling daily.
And for some lucky few, it might be just avoiding any accident that will maim them.

With a good body shape, an attractive skin, and a fitting dress, most people will find you impressive at first glance.

4.       Be an excellent communicator
I’m a natural conversationist. People find it extremely easy to discuss their troubles with me. And it has always amazed me, until I joined Toastmasters and found out why. The professional evaluations I got showed that I was naturally humorous, creative with words and have a good listening skill. And these are what make me a natural conversationist. I also learned about other communications skills I needed to work on, mostly ones that pertained to formal speeches and presentations.

If you are an excellent communicator, you’ll struggle less in life. You’ll be able to influence people and create not just a good impression, but a great one.
Communication is way beyond grammar and a library of words. Never confuse the always talking witty fellow who keeps crossing the boundaries of his ignorance, with an excellent communicator.

And these are the 4 qualities you need to create a good impression always.

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