Finally, I Am Now A Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)


After some headless-chicken-run type of exercise for the last two weeks, I finally got into the Microsoft Certified Trainer program. I am now an official Microsoft Certified Trainer. Yippee! 

I am still trying to figure out how to make the most use of this new achievement. Till I fully understand the benefits, below is the official list of benefits from Microsoft (

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, you gain access to a personalized benefits and exams dashboard, where you can find a wide variety of useful resources, download your MCT certificate and MCT program logos, and engage with the MCT community.

Ongoing benefits and support

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, you gain access to a personalized benefits and exams dashboard where you can find a wide variety of useful resources, download your MCT certificate and MCT program logos, and engage with the MCT community. Your benefits and exams dashboard also connects you to the latest news and resources, including trainer readiness resources, announcements about exams, and Microsoft training and certification products. Explore MCT benefits, including: Explore MCT benefits, including:
  • MCT Central. Exclusive to MCTs, MCT Central offers both technical readiness and soft skills training materials to help MCTs prepare for teaching Microsoft courses, plus easy access to product and program resources. In addition, MCT Central helps MCTs stay up to date on the latest news, find a job, or connect with other MCTs around the world.
  • MCT prep kits. Access online trainer preparation packs containing helpful downloadable content for teaching courseware, including videos, slide decks, and courseware content, in a helpful OneNote format.
  • Microsoft Download Center. Receive comprehensive access to the entire Microsoft library of training and certification materials.
  • Courseware Marketplace. Access to Microsoft Online Courses (MOC) and MOC ON Demand.
  • Azure Pass Voucher. $100 monthly use of Azure Services through MCT Software and Services.
  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) exam discounts. MCTs receive a 50-percent discount off of MCP exams. To obtain your 50-percent discount voucher, go to the exam list, choose the exam you wish to take, and then select Schedule with Pearson VUE. Your discount is automatically applied.
  • Pursue a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification—at no cost. Every 12 months, MCTs can request one free MOS exam voucher to help keep current on MOS 2007, 2010, or 2013 certification. To receive your voucher, email your name, Microsoft Certification ID (MCID), and location (state and country/region) to You will receive your voucher, plus assistance in finding a local test center, directly from Certiport. (You must register to become a Certiport user.)
  • Microsoft Labs Online (MLO). MCTs receive free access to Microsoft Labs Online to support trainer readiness.
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer exam discounts. Microsoft values MCTs and is committed to helping them remain current with their certifications. When you schedule an exam with Pearson VUE using your Microsoft account credentials, your discount will automatically be applied.
    Note: The MCT discount does not apply to Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) or Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) exams.
  • MCT community. Join exclusive private communities for peer support and networking, and communicate with the Microsoft training and certification team.
  • Courseware support. Get direct Microsoft support for questions on official Microsoft training and certification products.
  • Early invitations to Microsoft Certification beta exams. Be among the first to earn new certifications by taking certification exams before they are available to the public. Please note that we offer a limited number of beta exam vouchers, and they are allocated on a "first come, first served" basis.
  • Free access to Microsoft e-learning. Learn new technologies and experience different delivery techniques by taking courses through Microsoft e-Learning.
  • Large discounts on Microsoft Press Store books. Receive a 40-percent discount on all printed books and a 50-percent discount on all e-books in the Microsoft Press Store catalog
MCT Software & Services subscriptions are uniquely tailored to provide exclusive access to resources that help you, as an MCT, further develop your technical expertise and training skills. These subscriptions provide MCTs with exclusive access to Microsoft technologies.
Two subscriptions are available, depending on your specific training focus, and they provide you with a breadth of resources, including software downloads and Microsoft Azure monthly credits.
  • MCT Software & Services is designed for MCTs who deliver IT Pro and Office training. This subscription provides access to the latest Microsoft services, including Azure and Office 365, in addition to the ability to download thousands of software titles to support training prep needs. If you do not possess a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certification or a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) certification, you are eligible for an MCT Software & Services subscription.
  • MCT Developer Software & Services is designed for MCTs who deliver developer training. This subscription provides access to the latest tools and services to train developers on the Microsoft platform. To be eligible for an MCT Developer Software & Services subscription, you need to possess one of the following certifications:
For more details on MCT Software & Services, see your benefits and exams dashboard. With either subscription, you get access to core Microsoft products for training use, including Office, Windows, SharePoint, SQL Server, and other resources valued at up to $15,000 USD.
MCT Software & Services subscriptions automatically terminate upon expiration or termination of your current MCT program agreement, whichever is earliest. These subscriptions come with training use rights only and enable an MCT to prepare for training delivery. MCT Software & Services subscriptions do not allow the software or services provided to be used in a production setting, including commercial use or in a classroom. The MCT program certifications and qualifications, along with their associated MCT Software & Services subscriptions, are subject to change as determined by the MCT program.


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