The Nigerian I Most Respect

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You know what they say about a true friend -- that he is someone who knows everything about you and still likes you. I consider a true fan in that light also -- someone who knows all your weakness and still respects you.

I am a true fan of Fela Anikulapo Kuti. He is the number one Nigerian in my list. No other Nigerian comes close in the magnitude of respect I have for him. Dead or alive. For sure, he had very many bad habits. He smoked, he womanized and he wasn't a christian. He is definitely not the kind of person you would like to see your son write about in an essay on his role model.

So why then is he my most respected Nigerian?

As many are the faults I and anyone else can point out in him, the few things he did right outweighed them in my book. He stood up for what he believed and in a very uncompromising way. And he was a genuine artist. Those are the two things that make me hugely respect him.

Aren't there other Nigerians who stand for what they believe without compromising and are genuine artists? Yes, there are but none I found as comparable as Fela. His was on a level I have seen no one come close to operating at. He cared very little about being opposed or hated or criticized. He made deep music out of everything rather than curl up in bitterness -- even the murder of his mother. He put his art above money and positive fame. He did what he felt was right to do regardless of how unthinkable the society considered it and regardless of who would take offence.

I definitely don't see myself following his footsteps but his life and works are one of genuine inspiration that is very rare in Nigeria/Nigerians. 


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