Building The Web Application Version Of The Nigerian Market Data App

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I have begun building the web app version of my Nigerian Market Data App
Going from this already published Office App

To this type of Web App

For now I can't share the web address as there is still a lot of work to do on it. I am using a development template I bought on envato market to speed up the front end design and also using the latest Microsoft ASP.Net MVC core web application development platform. Been learning as I build the app.

I have now mastered one of the aspects of the web app development process that has been giving me a lot of problems before -- user login data management/access. The default user login system in the ASP.Net MVC app template uses a very difficult to access database that it creates upon initial run of the template and separates from the production copy. Now I have learned how to migrate to my own chosen external database and use across both development and production.

If I would be adding messaging, commenting and other real-time interactive features, I would need to dust up my materials on Angular JS as it is most recommended and widely used for implementing such features.

I am not in any rush and as soon as the web application is done to a useable level, I will share the web address with you all.


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