Inserting Smileys, Icons and Symbols In Your Documents, Emails, Excel & PowerPoint

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Ever tried to insert an emoticon, smiley or symbol in your Outlook email or reports? Then you are going to love today's post.

It is way easier than you think and I have even made it a lot easier by showing you the full spectrum of what you can do.

The magic tool that makes it all possible is a font type called Wingdings, Wingdings 2 and Wingdings 3.

Wingdings font type changes the regular characters (A - Z & 0 - 9 & other characters) into expressive icons.

The real work is in knowing what character corresponds to what symbol. And I have made life easy for you by listing below the character map to the emoticons. Below is the list and you can download the actual file here.

So next time you are on Outlook, you through in some of your favorite smileys.


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