Updating My Online Video Training Course Which Currently Has Over 17,000 Students

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I have been able to overcome my PayPal issue with receiving payment for my Udemy online Business Data Analysis with Excel and Power BI course. Udemy has given an option to use Payoneer, which I have now switched to. 

I plan to completely remake the videos and update the practice files. My technical and presentation expertise has greatly improved since 2014 when I created the training content. Now I have more interesting stories to share, more tricks to squeeze in and a better sounding presenter's voice. The voice still has a heavy Yoruba (foreign) accent but more pleasant now.

It is going to be a lot of work to recreate about 10 hours of video content. Each hour of video content requires over an hour of setup and video recording, then about two hours of editing and some minutes for uploading. In all, that would be like 36 hours of work. And from experience, one can only optimally do about 1 to 2 hours content per day and 3 days per week. So I am looking at some 6 weeks of work, if I am able to shutdown most other things.

My MBA assignments/exams for the current module I am doing is coming due in a few days and it has been using up too much of my time. The whole research and writing and falling asleep in between.

I will have to be more aggressive in limiting my activities to just the most productive or I won't make much progress with the video content creation. And I have already emailed my students to watch out for the new contents.


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