This Thursday: Webinar On What-If-Analysis (Goal Seek, Scenario Manager, Data Table) and Solver in Excel


If you are a project manager, financial planner, sales manager, marketer or business analyst, you need to be very comfortable using What-If-Analysis tools in Excel for flexible planning and target meeting.

In this month's webinar, I will be taking you through the practical use of the What-If-Analysis tools and Solver.
1. Goal Seek for knowing what to do to achieve a set goal
2. Scenario Manager for simulating different scenarios (best case scenario, worst case scenario, etc)
3. Data Table for creating a matrix of possible outcomes when one or two inputs are varied
4. Solver for doing linear programming, optimization and cost management.

The webinar will be on Thursday 24, 2017 for 3:00pm to 4:00pm.

Venue: YouTube live (

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  1. Hi Michael, you're doing a fantastic job. Do you know any tool within excel that can optimize several variables at once? Goal Seek, Scenario Manager, Data Table, and Solver can only do so much. Even though solver can change more than two variables, you have to add constraints which can be ineffective by returning a minimum value depending on what you want to achieve. I need a tool that can deal with multiple moving parts without returning the minimum or maximum values, just the optimal values.

    Thanks for what you do.


    1. Hmm. Nike, I think Solver will do very well what you've described. You might just have to linearize the problem or at worst go with non-linear evaluation.


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