We Are Now In Port Harcourt -- Excel And Business Data Analysis Training

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I have finally gotten a hotel to partner with in Port Harcourt for our Excel and Business Data Analysis training classes. The plan is to do a quarterly training in Port Harcourt to cover our South South and South East clients.

For a long time we have had people call us from Owerri, Bonny Island, Port Harcourt and other places in the Niger Delta for our Excel and Business Data Analysis training class. And all the time we try to make them come to Lagos for the training. Some do come to Lagos and the rest say they'll rather have us come to them. And now we have come to them. 

I am currently in Port Harcourt for an in-plant Excel training for an indigenous oil company and have used to opportunity to find a perfect venue for holding our open training classes. I intend to replicate our Abuja model where we partnered with an expensive hotel to get very generous discounts in return for us perpetually holding our training classes in their conference room. They get multiple fold benefits -- we carry the hotel name in our adverts, use the hotel throughout our stay, use their very expensive tea break and lunch and provide them potential clients. We were able to get about 40% discount in Abuja, though it still came to a lot because the hotel is an expensive one (cheapest room is over N22,000/night) and their food is equally pricey. But the quality has worked well in our favour that I am sometimes tempted to want to seek out same arrangement in Lagos.

I have already discussed with the hotel manager and we will be finalizing tomorrow morning. The hotel is in GRA phase 2, very close to Genesis Cinemas. The location is excellent -- central, Ikoyi-like and calm. I will be planning towards next month or October for our first Port Harcourt class.

On another note, I am getting more serious about exploring the neighbouring countries. I have attempted Ghana before but got stuck with the logistics part -- especially collecting payment. Now I am thinking Benin Republic and Cameroon. I will start first with Benin Republic. I will go there this month or next month to start some ground laying activities. Making profit won't be our immediate goal but strategic positioning. 

Wish us luck!


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