The One Thing That Is Better Than Being An Expert

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Now I parade myself as an expert in Excel for business data analysis. I am already sewing the parade clothes for the self proclaimed title Python and R data analysis expert. But if you ask me for my Excel credentials most of what you will see there are things I did when I was not yet an expert.

The one thing that is better than being an expert is creating value. And anyone can create value with whatever level of knowledge they have.

What if I told you that my Excel journey seriously started in October 2011? What if I told you that I was not an Excel expert when Microsoft awarded me the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, making me the only one in Africa with the award? What if I told you that all the amazing jobs I did for foreign clients and multinationals in the beginning, that ultimately gave me the boldness to venture out on my own as a full-time independent consultant, were just because I put myself out there as available? What if I told you that even my bestselling Excel book and internationally acclaimed Udemy course were compilation of contents I created when I was unknown and not an expert?

If you look at my life it is easy to think a lot is going well for me and I will gladly say amen to that. But if you ask me, I will tell you the one thing I can attribute most of the little I have accomplished to is my choosing of being impressive rather than to impress. 

"What is the difference?" you might ask. It is that I would rather let my work speak for me that try to package myself as the real deal. I would rather create genuine value than promises of value. I would rather do something of value without pay than create marketing materials that will portray me as a value creator.

If you create value, whether you are an expert or not will be immaterial. Have you come across the Mark Angel and Emmanuela comedy series? They are the most popular Nigerian comedy outfit on YouTube. Have you tried asking yourself if they are experts or value creators? If you haven't, well now is the time to do. The obvious answer, going from the poor video quality of most of the shootings and low budget, is that they are no experts. They are purely value creators and that is what got them ranked way higher than even the experts.

Everyday, I try to get back my creative pre-expert days. The days I created pure value by huge volume rather than now that I am trying to live up to my expert status.

If you are not yet an expert in a field you have deep passion for and some knowledge, I congratulate and envy you. You have the golden chance to create pure value without distractions. I hope you are not looking down on yourself and delaying creating works of value. Don't waste this period. Share whatever little you know. Create value in whatever way you can. Because when you finally become an expert it is those works you created during your formative years that will be the solid credentials/portfolio you will point to.

If you've noticed I have been making more Python and R posts lately than Excel posts. Well, it is because I am again using that approach to set myself up as an expert in Python and R. And when that label finally sticks and I can parade myself shamelessly as a Python and R expert, guess what body of work I would be pointing to? If you've not skipped any sentence till now then you'll guess right.


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