Do All You Can And Then Do More


You might be wondering, "Is that possible?" or "Does it make any sense?" "How can I do all I can and still do more?" "If I do all I can then there should be nothing more to do."

Well, I don't know if it is theoretically possible. But I can definitely tell you that it is practically possible.

Whenever you feel you have done all you can, the truth is that you can still do more. And, in fact, I want you to make a habit of doing more. Do all you can and then do more.

If you've got a goal, be it a career goal or a family goal or a personal goal, and you have done everything required but you are not getting the result you are expecting. Then you begin to feel despondent and want to give up because you are sure you've done all you can. Well, today, I am telling you to cheer up and do more. 

If you have dreams and ambitions you have given up on because you were not seeing results when you vigorously pursued them. Today, I am telling you to wake up those dreams and ambitions, and re-pursue them.

Today, I am preaching to you. And that is a sign that the world is about to come to an end or what I am saying is dead serious. Actually, I think it is both.

Whenever you are faced with multiple choices, you should always pick the choice with the best potential returns. If I have tried hard at a goal and feeling frustrated, I have two choices -- to quit and stop the pain or to continue and keep the hope of reaching the goal alive. At that juncture, I evaluate the worth of the goal. Is it a goal that will make the gain worth the pain or a goal that is not really the pain? If it falls under the worth the pain category, I ignore every current feeling of frustration and let go of unhelpful memories and do more. 

I don't get disturbed that others are doing way less than I am for the same thing. I don't even compare my progress with another's, I just keep giving it all it takes to achieve the desired results. Every time I have done all I can, I hit the reset button and start with fresh efforts like anew. As long as I stand to gain more from achieving the goal than quitting, I don't let any feeling of frustration hold me down and I don't let any memory of disappointment last long.

For the people I love and the things I genuinely want, I do all I can and then do more.


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