How I get Things Done

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I have a simple strategy that helps me get things done, probably more easily than many people. And that strategy is to just do it. 

I don't do elaborate analysis or implementation plans. They are like magnifying lens. The more you analyse what you are going to do the more of a big deal it becomes and the more resistance you face in doing it. 

The same way I just went out last month and paid for a daily French class without thinking out how I was going to make time for the classes or juggle it with my overwhelming work schedule, was the very same way I quit my job to start my business without thinking about where the clients would come from or what business plan to draw up. I would rather make the first step and let the other steps reveal themselves to me.

One of my favorite bible passages while in the university is Psalm 119:105, "Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path". My understanding of it was that even when under an unmistakable guidance of God, He would only show you as much as a lamp would in the dark. Just enough for you to take the next step. And just like your car headlamp illuminates your path on a journey, you don't see end to end, from start of the road to end of the road. You only see just enough to complete the journey. So I was never the one to question a miracle or want to know the end from the beginning. I am perfectly okay with knowing that this is the direction I want to head and then build the confidence to take the first/next step.

Luckily, I took that mindset into all I do -- at work, with cooking, writing, and even French. I just do it. Knowing it is what I want to do and having an idea of the first/next step are all I need. I don't need a fail-safe plan or thorough thinking.


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