Enjoy The Journey

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"Youth and Useful!" That was the theme of Chapel of Faith Youth Fellowship (CYF) for 2005. The student fellowship I attended from 100 level to 500 level. Why I am able to remember this theme was our president then, Tosin Ojajuni, centered it around enjoying the christian journey. We often get too hung up on the destination that we forget to realise that God counts the journey just as important.

I try to extend that theme to every year of my life.

I am naturally not an adventurous person. My idea of fun is eating what I feel like eating, sleeping for long hours, reading and working. Going out and having fun is not fun to me. So I am probably not the person you would expect to delight in journeys.  But because of that amazing realisation that 2005 theme awaken in me, I have been one of the humans who are obsessed with following the right and fun path than just arriving at the dream destination.

My work is completely guided by my passion. I do just the very things I am passionate about. And since I recently came to another important realisation that it just takes a few millions to be rich, I have become more deliberate in the path I follow to wealth. I want to get there right.

I want to create amazing contents. Write all I can. Live fully. Enjoy the little moments. Value the occasional disappointments. Do everything I admire in my heroes. Be a sincere person. Have no secrets. Keep no memories. Think only of today and tomorrow, and what more value I can fill them with. And share the journey with as many people as possible.

Whatever your dream is, do try to also enjoy your journey there.


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