Wanna Learn Microsoft Excel Macros? Created A Video Tutorial Series For You

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I have created a new video tutorial series on Excel Macros. It will use a fun project approach to teach you how to increase your productivity and automate tasks with Excel Macros.

I have created two editions already in the series.

The first is a birthday reminder project. Say you have a contact list of clients/church members/club members/friends/crushes you will like to be alerted in advance when their birthday is this week. You are in luck! I have created a tutorial video teaching you how to create it and you also get to download the already done one for your personal use/review.

You can watch the tutorial video here and download the Reminder Macro file here.

The second video is on custom function. Imagine creating your own easy to use Excel functions for those complex common calculations you make and often forget the calculation steps. For me that calculation is VAT.

Every month I find myself going online to use a VAT calculator to figure out just how much I need to pay FIRS for monthly VAT. We all know that VAT is 5% but when you provide services and VAT is inclusive, then the calculation is not simply Amount x 5%. It becomes (Amount x 5%)/(1 + 5%). And I usually forget that formula. 

Well, in the second video I show you how to create custom functions and I used my real life problem as an illustration to help you learn custom function (user defined function) in Excel. It is a fun task to do. Now I just use =VAT() to do my VAT calculations. As a bonus I also show you how to create a second UDF that will calculate the Net Amount after VAT deduction. And it's perfectly usable for all my fellow naija biz pals.

You can watch the tutorial video here and download the actual file here.

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