President Donald Trump. He Won!

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Yay! My guy won!

I am short of words. I wanna say a big thanks to Donald Trump for the best reality show I have ever watched. It is super inspiring to see all these play out without editing. 

Not only has he taught me to go after what I want regardless of the odds and even when I believe the system is rigged against me, he has also shown me that the experts (media, egg-heads and rich guys) can all be very wrong. 

I can't wait to see what The Economist will write tomorrow.

And Bloomberg and Huffington Post and New York Times. Wow! All their previous overdone bashing.

I heard one or two very popular Nigerian prophets/pastors predicted a win for Hillary Clinton. I can't wait to read how they will defend the prediction. Anyway, anything can still happen, a miracle.

I guess the deplorables won!



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