Now Free: CFA Institute Investment Foundations Course

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Well in the investment banking and core investment finance world the most revered certification is the CFA certification. And today I have got good news for you, even if you are not interested in doing the CFA certification nor becoming an investment banker.

The CFA Institute Investment Foundations course, which was previously accessible only after paying $250 to register for the exam, is now freely available to everyone. And you should take advantage of it because the knowledge of finance is now a big plus in navigating our complex business and personal investment world.

You can access the course here: The CFA Institute Investment Foundations Course

The curriculum covers, with download link for the materials:

Module 1: Industry Overview
Chapter 1: The Investment Industry: A Top Down View

Module 2: Ethics and Regulation
Chapter 2: Ethics and Investment Professionalism
Chapter 3: Regulation

Module 3: Inputs and Tools
Chapter 4: Microeconomics
Chapter 5: Macroeconomics
Chapter 6: Economics of International Trade
Chapter 7: Financial Statements
Chapter 8: Quantitative Concepts

Module 4: Investment Instruments
Chapter 9: Debt Securities
Chapter 10: Equity Securities
Chapter 11: Derivatives
Chapter 12: Alternative Investments

Module 5: Industry Structure
Chapter 13: Structure of the Investment Industry
Chapter 14: Investment Vehicles
Chapter 15: The Functioning of Financial Markets

Module 6: Serving Client Needs
Chapter 16: Investors and Their Needs
Chapter 17: Investment Management

Module 7: Industry Controls
Chapter 18: Risk Management
Chapter 19: Performance Evaluation
Chapter 20: Investment Industry Documentation

Skill up!


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