The Power of Focus

Have you gotten those business cards that portray the owner as an expert in a lot of things -- Life Coach, HR consultant, Serial Entrepreneur and Furniture Company MD? You can easily guess that he is exactly one thing -- an unfocused hustler. They mistake activities for relevance. The more they can put their hands into the more they feel they get back in return. They show up at every high power event. They join every exclusive club. They can talk endlessly about their dreams and ideas. They waste too much by doing to many shallow things.


Growth in the real life is not arithmetic seriess. Not a 1 + 1 = 2 type of series. It is a geometric one. You start small and with consistency your results compound and rocket into the sky (skyrockets).

The genuine high achievers are extremely focused. They pick one field and build a skyscraper on it. Think John C. Maxwell, how many things come to your mind? I bet it's one thing -- Leadership coach. Think Aliko Dangote and business magnate comes to your mind. Think your favourite musician and, you guessed right, musician comes to your mind. There is a phenomenal power in focus. Breakthroughs in life and business come from focused toiling over time, not from
spreading yourself thin, toe-deep in too many things.

I have been doing a lot of business and current affairs reading this year. I have learned a lot from reading the stories of other businesses, entrepreneurs and politicians. Most people don't achieve success from stumbling on one great idea or being in the right place at the right moment. It is only in retrospect that it looks that way. Most people achieve success from repetitive activities in a field they are fully vested in and trying hard for many years until the geometric progress gets noticed. We all see the recent sudden-looking spike but not the many years of build up to it. So we call it overnight
success, luck, and place-time jackpot.

Today, I am telling you to quit thinking of success that way. Don't spread yourself too thin. Don't go looking for luck. Don't fill your life with meaningless relationships in the name of networking for success. Your network is not your networth, you have to ignore that b*shit. When success happens people will come with theories to explain it. People are already coming up with theories to explain Donald Trump's success. And you can be sure motivational speakers will come up with catchy phrases and quotes to sell whatever they are peddling in the name of helping you maximize your life and achieve success. Be like me and avoid them. Pick where you want to build your skyscraper and start focused work.


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