The Inevitable Future

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Everyday I think about the future. My future. Nigeria's future. The future of business. The direction the world is heading. And my place in it all.

I try to link it all together.

And like in all mathematical theories, you start from the sure foundations (uncontested theories) and build everything else on them. For me that sure foundation is what I call the inevitable future. I try to figure out the things that are sure to happen. In as many aspects of life and business as I can decipher. I read a lot and wide to help me spot those sure things. Some people travel a lot and interact with diverse set of people to figure that out. I like the low cost option of reading deep and wide. After I have figured out those sure things -- like relevance in the world is becoming knowledge based than physical assets based; current recession in Nigeria is an opportunity to reach a market segment that previously used to be out of reach; people pick the best of available options and not the perfect/ideal option they describe as what they want; mixing hardwork with smart intelligence pays handsomely; and being in the right place/environment/league matters more than any personal qualities. I begin to carve out where I want to fit in and ride favourably the ocean of life and business.

From my judgement, the inevitable future (for me, the country and the world) is:

  1. (me) buying low and selling high is the core of business and investment. Now is the time for me to swallow any ego, pride and jealousy, delay every non-core gratification, and invest. Buy stocks cheap. Buy knowledge with the currency of time that I relatively have in abundantce for now. Be dogged. Be focused. Ignore toes and interests (not bothered if I match any toes or mine are matched). Make all my mistakes early in life. Grow a tough skin by throwing myself to the wild shark-filled real life and business world. Buy now (skills, investments, knowledge, thick skin and sharp brain) and sell the products I make and become from them in the future.
  2. (Nigeria) there are numerous opportunities for the very intelligent, risk-taking and extremely hardworking in this country. There are just too many things waiting to be done -- from new products that already exist in other countries to better ways of doing things. The country will grow by all important metrics (GDP, population, wealth per person, literacy, etc.) and I am better off staying here and focusing on building those innovative products and solutions.
  3. (the world) knowledge is power. Intangible now rules tangible. Value over process. Disintermedation. Increased efficiency in everything. No more boundaries. Huge rewards for the bold and intelligently daring.
I see my goal as a journey. I can't control my progress but I can ensure commit myself to sticking to the right path and putting in my best. And that is what I (hope I) am doing.
BTW, happy birthday day to me! Yes, I'm a November 26 boy. In fact, born on a Saturday.😎

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  1. Happy birthday to you sir; hearty congratulations as you cross another great milestone of age. Bundle-of-inspiration...continue to inspire...

    Dare, Port Harcourt.


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