Stop Forwarding Other People's Forwarded Whatsapp Messages

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Forwarding other people's forwarded Whatsapp messages makes you look not good at all. Depending on the types of messages you rebroadcast the impression of you that it begins to form in the minds of people will range from unserious to plain stupid.

But if you must rebroadcast Whatsapp messages, then you should try my tips below to avoid looking plain stupid:
  1. Don't forward those long essay messages. Especially those ones trying to explain how research has shown that we should not drink ice cold drinks with food to avoid indigestion or women should not wear high heels to avoid permanent injury to their feet or men should not put phones in their pockets due to the radiation from it. 
  2. Don't forward messages about the new tactics of armed robbers, ritualists, rapists and pickpockets. 
  3. Don't forward jokes about religion, politics and race.
  4. Don't forward obviously stupid messages. Those messages that tell you to forward to other people to see a bicycle move or see your battery charge level go up.
  5. Don't create groups adding all your contacts just so you can forward them unsolicited messages.
  6. Don't forward marketing messages from someone else. 
If you ask what I really think is best, it is this: Don't broadcast any message. It's so uncool.


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