It's Been A Great Year; Just One Regret

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I thank God for this year. Made significant progress in my personal life and in my business. I have learned to be a better business man. Done a lot of non-technical training this year, as a participant, that have transformed me from the short-sighted techie who is always receiving instructions from other people. Now I am making the strategic decisions and taking charge.


I am now thoroughly used to ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. The income inconsistency. The spending upfront. The paper work troubles. The marketing expenses without guaranteed results. Client management. The pressure that sometimes almost run one mad. And how to ignore the people who think I'm running a carpentry business, that I should be at their beck and call, and I should price just slightly higher than the cost of my raw materials.

I have restarted my French learning. Found a strategy that works well. I am now making good progress. I've restarted listening to French radio daily. I'm now able to pick out enough words from the news broadcast, songs and discussions to get an idea of what the theme (or big picture) is, but not the details. I found a website that helps with my reading skill. It has my favorite stories in a bilingual form. I also have a compilation of the most used French phrases and words that I revise to expand my vocabulary.

I also learned all the MBA I need for a lifetime. So I dropped out of my MBA online programme from the University of Nicosia, saving myself both vital time and money. My case is not quite simple. I have, via unconventional means, done MBA almost thrice. Different universities.

My only regret is the pace of my web app development. I have made progress but not as much as I was expecting. The requirements are surprisingly deeper than I expected and the amount of work required is enormous. I am now trying to drop a lot of things to have more time for it. I am killing the consulting aspect of my business because of it and I am scaling down the training arm to make more time for it. I have even narrowed the goal to just web app, stripped off the phone app part. I only wish my progress will be more reflective of the sacrifice made. 


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